From Props to Objects

From Props to Objects is a filmed performance about De Appel’s “unintended” collection: a group of artworks and other objects coincidentally assembled in the archive throughout the institution’s history. Some of them were left behind after an exhibition or returned to their sender after they were posted to the artists. The collection includes Guiseppe Chiari’s Art is Easy, 1979; Steffan Soreff’s The Flying Eye, 1981; Sung Hwan Kim’s Pushing Against the Air, 2007; My Barbarian’s Voyage of the White Widow, 2007; and Yong Hae Chang’s Demirrorized Zone, 2009.

Props and Objects found in the archive:

  • Instructions and diagrams of choreography for performance. Aged and damaged. Paper and ink.
  • Model airplane, instructions on cardboard, partial map of Netherlands and graphic of satellite in space. Various inc. plastic, electronics, cardboard, printed paper. 50x61.
  • Ten sheets of two types of green tissue paper, props from performance, 70x50.
  • One cardboard object and one paper object. Leftover props from a performance produced by De Appel. 57x38x64.
  • Wooden empty frame, the work was sold at an auction, only frame left, 24x34.

From Props to Objects was performed by Maria Mavridou, Levi de Kleer, Francine ten Brummelhuis, Sanne Krijgsman, Sisse Holst Pedersen, and was part of Landscape with Bear, a project commissioned by De Appel, Amsterdam, NL, 2019.