Translucent Trans-Corporeality
A conversation between Aram Lee and Lotte Arndt on Lee’s experimental film X-Hale.
(April 2024)

Lotte Arndt: Aram, our conversation started in 2023 when you were a guest resident at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, researching as part of the Pressing Matter Program on Ownership, Value and the Question of Colonial Heritage in Museums on …

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After Objects (September 2023)

Visitor 30451: We are here, in this space full of alien murmurs and noises of existence in extinction, to collectively talk about how you can confront your institutional surroundings and question the world by reflecting on your epistemology. I hope …

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When False Canines Speak (December 2022)

There are numerous ruptures in the narratives of European ethno-colonial museum archives. Tiny holes can appear in dominant plots, holes where unfinished echoes from unknown voices live. The holes of these stories visualise the absence of the other …

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Synchronic Cinema (September 2022)

Synchronic cinema, the title, is of course impossible, and a provocation. The descriptive version of the title would be Synchronism vs Cinema. Maps are synchronic, a solid state of affairs dividing space into boundaries and stable identities. Adding …

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Who Is She, and How Long Has She Dreamed For? (May 2022)

Script of film, “The Journey of the Dutch wife”.

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The Untouchables (May 2020)

White gloves govern the museum object, they dictate how we communicate with it. The inscribed stories or even prejudices and presuppositions which are present in the object’s body are untouchable. Who’s allowed to grab it? Who can collect it and who …

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From Pluto to Pyongyang and Back (March 2019)

From Pyongyang to Pluto and Back is a publication that charts and records a journey. The artist Aram Lee, while investigating the diaspora of images and people related to North Korea, found out that the relationships between them are often full of …

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