Branching Streams. Sketches of Kinship. Research exhibition at darkar biennale, Musée Théodore Monod d’art africain, Dakar, 18 May–15 September, 2024.

350,000 Leaks, Performace live Radio broadcast, Wereldmuseum Amsterdam, Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, 5 JULY 2024. (link)⁠()

Project Pressing Matter: Ownership, Value and the Question of Colonial Heritage in Museums. (link)⁠()

Translucent trans-corporeality, online publication, Troubles dans les collections.

Vowels Are Connected to the Holes of the Body (2024)

Using vowels as a freed sound, the project attempts to blend and remove the boundaries in the relation subject/object.

Holding Poison (2023)

Holding Poison is performance, choreographed by ninety five Microbes in the colonial museum.

Synchronic Cinema I Shadow Zones, Experimental Cinema History in Yugoslavia; Or a Cinema and a History Made Unmade by Maps (2023)

Experimental and structuralist films are often intended to be anti-narrative, until a look in the archives reveals a complex of “characters” and “scenes”, each with their own lay of the land.

X-hale (2023)

The filmic collage shows an X-ray image of a body, that seems to be inhabited by moving organisms, while a voice over intermittently speaks in Indonesian, Korean and fragments of a poem in several languages flicker across the screen.

When Object Turns (2023)

When we are written into the world

The Nervous Canines (2022)

The Nervous Canines investigates the temporal anomalies and reappropriation of fictionalities in institutional archives.

On a Possible Passing From the Inscription to the Body (2020)

Digital technologies combine with human hair to circumnavigate the transhistorical temporality of an object by activating new inscriptions to its body, as well as our own, through reciprocal heuristic involvement.

In a Certain Movement Body Split (2020)

Intersecting the time and geopolitical fictional narratives through reconstructing 1930s photos and animals in Korea that were collected during a trip of Swedish zoologist Sten Bergman before Korea was not divided yet.

Tropical, Objects, Turns (2019)

Can forms and ideas from the global South, contained within the Tropical objects of European museums, lead us to future adaptations for our new climate conditions?

A Dissonance of Landscapes (2019)

Ten Export Winter Landscapes are taken out from the dark museum archive and a conversation is shaped between two historical contexts, collaging them into one heterogeneous scene.

La Grande Transformation (2019)

A project researching the transformation of contemporary objects that were forced to change through the paradigm of 20th century modernisation.

From Props to Objects (2019)

A performance about De Appel’s unintended collection; consisting of a group of artworks and other objects that have been coincidentally assembled in the archive throughout the institution’s history.

From Pyongyang to Pluto and Back (2019)

A journey through a diaspora of images and people in search of North Korea, one of the world’s most inaccessible and unknown places.

Post Ghost Bust (2019)

Using the performativity of ghosts as a medium to explore their links to colonial modernity, archiving, folk culture and the collective imagination.

Berlin, Inside Out (2018)

Research concerning different methodologies of contemporary mediation in three different museums by exploring the relationship between artefacts inside the depots and their outside realities.

Dutch Wife (2017⁠–⁠2022)

Using the performativity of repatriation and remaking, archival and field research from Indonesia and the Netherlands are brought together to investigate the notion of “return” as a pattern for remedying colonial objects.

Inside Out, ZZM (2016)

A project connecting the objects in the archive of the Zuiderzeemuseum with the region’s geographically transformative history of dike-building and its contemporary location.